Naming a venue seat in devotion to a loved one as a Valentine’s Day surprise could help St Margaret’s Hall towards its £75,000 refit appeal target.

Bradford on Avon Town Council wants people to sponsor the new seats to honour their loved ones, friends or businesses.

Names of people or companies can be inscribed on bronze plates on any of the 190 tiered seats. Each name will also appear on a list of supporters on the town council’s website. Sponsorship is £125 a seat.

Mayor John Potter has sponsored a seat, along with several town councillors and other individuals.

He said: “We want anyone and everyone to get involved and make their mark on this brilliant venue.

“It is a way of joining in and supporting something that is important in the town. I think it is going to be a great venue.”

The seating was due to be installed in March, to transform the hall into a multi-functional venue, but it has been pushed back due to the Christmas Eve floods, when the car park was submerged and water seeped into the hall.

Flooding caused no lasting damage, but moisture levels in the walls must be reduce before the hall’s finishes are put in place.

Work had already been hit by a series of delays.

In August, large voids, thought to be pits from the hall’s dye house past, were found and had to be filled. Then the roof had to be re-pitched because angle battens had corroded.

The budget was £790,000 when work started in June. Now, after passing its December completion date, it stands at £980,273.