IT WAS a Gr-r-reat start to the day for youngsters at a Walcot school yesterday as their breakfast club was given hundreds of pounds to buy cereal.

Mountford Manor Primary School, in Bothwell Road, was given £400 by cereal giants Kellogg’s which will now be used to breathe new life into the club.

The money will be split into two parts, with £200 going towards buying games for the children and the rest used for the cereals.

“This will be such a big boost to the club,” said Jill Pithers, a play leader with the breakfast club.

“We have been running for six years now. Some of the games and equipment we have is becoming a bit worn, so we will be looking to replace a lot of it.

“I’ll probably sit down with the children and find out what it is they want to get with the money and then go from there.

“It’s a really good opportunity that everyone is very pleased with.”

Kellogg’s have an allocated fund which it is giving to breakfast clubs around the country which apply for the money.

The funding will now allow the popular club to offer the children a good start to their school day.

Jill said: “We offer the children five cereals to choose from every morning.

“As well as that they can have toast with a variety of jams. They can also have either apple juice or orange juice.

“We also have lots of games for them, like chess and snakes and ladders.”

“It provides somewhere for them to get breakfast in a calming environment.

“We help to get them ready for the day by putting them in the right frame of mind.

“It’s had an effect on some of the children who are quite boisterous.

“It’s a great way for the children to interact because the club is for all age groups.”