THE self-proclaimed ‘Mr Brunel’ is scheduled to settle disputes over the Brunel Rooms club closure by fighting in a white collar boxing match.

Jason Ranford, director of the troubled town centre club, will take on Daniel Wells, a friend of former Brunel Rooms manager Nathan Hatter, at Swindon Fight Club on March 1, following an ongoing dispute between the pair.

Swindon Fight Club, which hosts white collar unlicensed boxing, is in its seventh round in March, and featured the first all-female white collar match last time around with Toni Sherwood and Bec Connolly.

Gary Turland, promoter of the fight club, said: “We have got it confirmed now. Jason was going to do a boxing show previously but had to pull out.

“With him falling out with a few people recently he wanted to give them a chance to see what they wanted.

“It is an opportunity, whether you love him or hate him, to settle a few old scores. We would rather any disputes were settled in the ring, rather than continue with threats. It will be in a controlled environment.

“Jason contacted me saying everyone wanted to see him take a few punches, and he wants to give them what they want.”

Jason said: “I have trained for this sort of thing before, but I had an injury which stopped me from doing it.

“I have got a bit of time on my hands now for the next couple of weeks, so I can get into training.”

Daniel, 31, said he had been suggesting the fight after allegations were made against his friend, Nathan Hatter, for which no charges were brought by Wiltshire Police.

“I have been offering him out to fight him in the ring for quite a few weeks now because of the allegations around Nathan,” said Daniel.

“I stood up for Nathan. We had quite a nasty discussion about it, and finally he approached the organisers to arrange the fight. I accepted.

“I have not really got much experience boxing, but I have got a good trainer who is a professional MMA fighter.

“I have five weeks to get myself in shape.”

The afterparty will be held in the Brunel Rooms, which was closed this week after rent arrears caused managers of the building to revoke its lease.

Staff and suppliers have been left out of pocket, and a number of staff have left the club.

The Adver understands Jason said the business had been sold on Thursday, and that directors Helene Simpkins and Paula Harris no longer had any involvement in it.

But Jason stated a new lease has now been agreed for the building and the Brunel Rooms would reopen on February 15, regardless of the outcome of its licence review, which is due to go to committee on February 12.

“We have got the new lease agreed and we are waiting for the solicitors to finalise all the paperwork,” he said.

“We have intentions of hopefully reopening before February 15, but we will be back for the Desires event on that date.

“If the licensing review goes against us, we will have three weeks still to trade while we are given time to appeal.

“Our legal advisors say we are in a strong position. We might have to adhere to stronger conditions, but if the worst does happen we will have time to open.”

The sound system was removed from the Brunel Rooms this week, prompting concerns equipment may not be in place if the club reopens, as bookings are being taken for the relaunch.

“The same sound system will come back,” Jason said.