There is a new addition to the grazers in Stonebridge Meadow with the birth of Nettle the calf.

Nettle, a male belted Galloway, is the latest addition to Action for River Kennet’s grazing team and will join his mum Harriet and her other calf Campanula when they move back to the meadow in the spring.

The cows have spent the winter months at a farm in Minal where they are looked after by ARK’s treasurer Martin Gibson.

Charlotte Hitchmough, director of ARK, said: “Grazing with animals is a key part of managing Marlborough’s old meadows to help them to revert back to wildflower meadows, which are attractive to look at and support a diversity of plants and insects.”

The cows were first introduced to the town when they were put in Coopers Meadow by ARK in 2009.

Then last year the charity introduced three Wiltshire ewes and their five lambs into Coopers Meadow and moved the cows over to Stonebridge Meadow.