A MAN who acted as a go-between to hand over a couple of deals of drugs in a police sting operation has been jailed for six months.

Christopher De Santos went to Faringdon Park with a friend who had agreed to get some heroin and cocaine for an undercover officer who had infiltrated a group of users.

The 25-year-old had the wraps for a few moments after being given them by Mkumbi Sokoni to hand over and admitted he was guilty of supply.

He was jailed because of his previous record and failure to comply with community sentences.

Claire Marlow, prosecuting, told Swindon Crown Court how the undercover operation was launched, targeting street suppliers among users in the town centre.

She said: “An undercover police officer using the name ‘Jim’ was involved in an operation trying to identify drug dealers within the area.

“On that occasion the co-defendant gave him two wraps to give to Jim during a meeting in the park. He accepts he knew he was in possession of heroin and cocaine for a few seconds: therefore he was guilty of the offence.”

De Santos, of Culvery Court, admitted charges of supplying heroin and cocaine.

Miss Marlow said he had ‘been before the courts many times’ but the only pertinent matter was possessing class A drugs in March last year.

Rob Ross, defending, said De Santos was serving a suspended sentence for other matters that had been activated by magistrates after his arrest.

He said: “By his own volition he has used a custodial sentence he is presently serving, which will end at the beginning of March, to get himself completely clean.

“For the first time in probably ten years he is clean of all drugs including substitutes.”

Jailing De Santos for six months, Judge Douglas Field said: “Your involvement in this was very minimal indeed. You were merely handed a couple of wraps which you handed to somebody else.

“It is depressing to see though you are 25 you are heavily convicted, not for class A drugs before this. I am going to impose the shortest custodial sentence I can.

“It has to be custody because of your previous compliance with non custodial sentences and in the past you have failed to take help offered by various agencies.

“I am delighted to hear today you are clean. Whilst you remain in prison for these months you must keep up your work with everyone in there and keep clean.”

Sokoni, 23, of City Road, Bristol, admitted three counts of supplying heroin and three cocaine during a six-week period in August and September.

The judge released him on conditional bail to Friday, February 28, when he is to be sentenced for the offences.