SWINDON Council has saluted residents’ commitment to recycle ahead of the new fortnightly collections service, which starts on Monday.

More than 3,500 residents have already obtained an extra box so they are ready for the weekly collections going fortnightly.

Anne Rogers, 60, a retired support worker from Shaw, said: “I’ve got my extra box because I recycle as much as possible – sometimes there is hardly any rubbish in my wheelie bin.

“I’ve been doing it ever since the borough started trialling the service about 10 years ago, and it’s no bother.

“I’ve got two different bins in my kitchen, so it’s not like you have to put yourself out.

“I do it without thinking about it now and when I go away I think, ‘what am I going to do with this?’ “I think they should show places like landfill sites more on TV because it’s easy not to consider where it all ends up.

“We all have to pay the price for that, so it makes sense to recycle both for the environment and financial reasons.

“I’ll never stop recycling now – once you get into it, you never go back and it’s a nice feeling to be doing my little bit for the planet. It’s an easy way for everyone to make a difference.”

Supplies of additional boxes which people have been picking up from collection points across Swindon have now run out, but more will be available from February 9.

The recycling changes mean that from next Monday, residents are asked to put out their recycling on the next day they are due a wheelie bin or blue bag collection for general waste.

Plastics in clear bags should also be put out on this day.

Residents who still require an extra box and have been unable to get one are asked to put any surplus recycling in plastic bags or an alternative plastic container alongside their existing boxes – cardboard boxes will not be suitable for this because of the weather.

Collection crews will pick up this recycling as a temporary measure over the next few weeks until people have been able to pick up a box, if required.


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Councillor Richard Hurley, above, cabinet member for public protection, housing and StreetSmart, said: “I am really pleased that residents are showing their commitment to recycle and have, if necessary, been collecting an additional box to accommodate the service change.

“The majority of residents who responded to the consultation undertaken last autumn about these changes were in favour of this change and hopefully the combined collection day for rubbish and recycling will work well for people.

“Some said they would need an extra box, which we are happy to provide.

“Demand has been high and there will be more boxes available for collection at the end of next week.

“I am grateful for residents’ patience if they still need another box and would like to say a big thank you to everyone for their recycling efforts.

“In addition to being kind to the environment, it also means you’re helping save money on landfill costs.”

For more about the changes, visit www.swindon.gov.uk/recycling.