A WOMAN had to be cut from her vehicle after colliding with a van close to County Road yesterday afternoon.

Just after 3.30pm, a commercial van struck the side of her green Nissan at the junction of Bathurst Road and Roseberry Street.

Paramedics were called to the scene at 3.35pm, and two police units closed Bathurst Road until the vehicles could be safely removed from the scene.

A spokesman for South Western Ambulance Service said: “We were called to a road traffic collision involving one female casualty at 3.35pm.

“Police and fire were on the scene and the lady was cut from the vehicle. She was transferred to Geat Western Hospital at 4.30pm.”

Two fire crews attended after being dispatched from Drove Road and Westlea fire stations.

Tim Elliott, incident commander at Drove Road fire station, said: “When we arrived we were met with two vehicles, a commercial van and a private vehicle.

“Police and ambulance were already in attendance. Our primary concern was the condition of the lady who was driving the Nissan. The ambulance service were concerned about potential spinal injuries, and it was suggested the safest way to remove her from the vehicle was to cut her out.

“We removed the roof and created some space to get her out. We had been practicing this scenario only this morning. It can be done very quickly, within minutes, but the ambulance will advise us on how to proceed according to the severity of the injuries.

“Two crews were dispatched at 3.40pm, one from Drove Road and another from Westlea. Seven or eight crew members then assisted in the operation.”