Mum Susie Pettitt has told of her concern for her 12-week-old baby during the fire because of the toxic looking smoke.

Mrs Pettitt, of Massey Road, Devizes, was at home with baby Matilda when the fire broke out at around 4.44pm on Tuesday.

She said: “We have three floors so I could see it from my top floor.

"I thought it was the Fox and Hounds pub because it is thatched and I could see the flames above the trees. I saw the fire engines go by and it seemed serious. I realised it was the recycling centre through Facebook.

“I was a little concerned it could move towards us and I was surprised the road (Nursteed Road) wasn’t closed.

“The smoke looked toxic and I was concerned about Matilda because I didn’t know what was burning.

“I shut all the windows and kept my cat Oscar in.”

Calvin Tromans, of Alan Cobham Road, was walking his dogs Tolly and Merida along Marshall Road when he saw the fire.

“The first thing I saw was the heavy black smoke. I guessed it was the recycling centre.

"The first thing I did when I got home was close the windows.

“The wind changed in the evening because when I let the dogs out there was ash in the garden which was a concern because I didn’t want the dogs to eat it.”