The Trust for Devizes is seeking a new chairman to take over from Ted East, who is standing down after four years.

Mr East will retire at the trust’s annual general meeting on March 20. Prior to becoming chairman he was secretary for three years.

Mr East, who is also a Devizes town councillor, said: “A lot of voluntary organisations suggest their chairman stay no longer than three years in the post. It seems appropriate for me to move on and let someone else have a go. It’s been a pleasing and satisfying role and it does enable one to try to push things along in the interests of the community and put pressure on the powers that be.”

The trust campaigns to protect the town’s heritage and was formed after a successful campaign to stop the Crammer being walled off.

Trustee Tony Sedgwick said in more recent times the trust has campaigned tirelessly against over-development and the loss of green open space. It brought to public attention the dangers of air pollution from traffic congestion, a result of building houses without the necessary infrastructure, and its criticism of the Wiltshire Traffic Model, produced in 2006, led to a new and accurate model being developed.

The trust is holding public meetings to discuss the future development of Devizes “jewels”, the Market Place, The Wharf, The Shambles Market and the Brittox.

Anyone interested in being chairman can contact Tony Duck on (01380) 725005 or at