AN EXHIBITION of some of the most colourful, dramatic and energetic works from the Swindon art collection will go on display in February.

Action! is the new exhibition at the Swindon Museum and Art Gallery and is on display from February 8 through to May 31.

Viewers can expect a display of abstract art by artists who distort shapes, colours and sizes to create unexpected images with a distant connection to the subject that inspired the work.

The exhibition will feature bold, colourful and dramatic art by a range of artists, including abstract portraits and landscapes, as well as non representational works.

Garry Perkins, the Cabinet Member for Economy, Regeneration and Culture, said: “This is a great opportunity for people to see abstract art up close, and for visitors to make up their own minds what they think of it.

"Personally I’m a big fan of modern art and some of the works going on display are stunning – full of colour, movement, life and energy.”

Over the next few years, Swindon Museum and Art will regularly be updating their displays to make the Swindon Collection accessible to the people of Swindon. This will include some recently acquired contemporary paintings which have never been displayed before.