Cutting up books isn’t behaviour usually supported by libraries, but students at Melksham Oak Community School have been doing just that to help decorate the town’s library.

Members of the school’s art club came to Melksham Library on Tuesday night, when the winners of their first book-themed art competition were announced.

Students were invited to produce sculptures from old books, to be displayed at the library until Easter.

Community librarian Basil Nankivell said: “We have lots of books and some of them fall apart, so we thought it would be nice to reuse them and do something new with them.”

Art teacher Sam Butter said: “Basil approached the art department to ask if we’d be interested, and I took it as a competition for the Year 7 and 8s.

“They came in their own time after school or in break, and had about three weeks to create a piece of sculpture from old books. They didn’t have help from me, it’s all their own ideas. There were no set rules other than using a book or pieces from a book, and they are all quite different, and really impressive.”

Picture caption: Art teacher Samantha Butler with the first prize entry from pupil Tristan Perks (not present), with runners-up  Nicole Earley, left, and Chloe Curtin,  Rosie Cade, second left, Archie Carter-Humphries and Charlie Kemp, Anna Piotrowska, second right, and Katy-Louise Cordery, right