THE UK’s Chief Social Worker has visited SEQOL to learn more about the benefits of social workers placed within a social enterprise.

SEQOL, which provides adult social care in the Swindon area, was formed in October 2012 as a social enterprise with employees owning a share of the company and having a much larger say its day-to-day management and strategic direction.

Lyn Romeo was appointed Chief Social Worker for Adults to oversee changes to how social work is provided in the UK.

And a network of Principal Social Workers (PSW) was also set up last year to ensure representation from adult social care departments.

SEQOL operational coordinator, Ruth Gumm, who acts as its PSW, attended a meeting with Lyn last year and invited her to visit SEQOL to see how the structure of the organisation benefits social care.

Ruth said: “The introduction of the role of Chief Social Worker and the PSWs network is a positive step for the development of adult social care across the country.

“Lyn Romeo’s visit gave us a useful insight into national developments in adult social care, as well as giving her the opportunity to pass on our learning and experience to social work departments across the country.”