Malmesbury is buzzing after the announcement of Dyson’s proposed multi-million pound expansion, bringing thousands more jobs, but there are concerns over increased congestion and housing development.

The firm announced its £250m expansion plans on Wednesday last week, with hopes to employ 3,000 people in phases, with 400 more engineers this year.

The plans include four new research and development buildings, a second canteen, an additional car park, improved access routes and a sport and leisure facility on 28 acres to the south and west of the existing factory, land which Dyson bought last year.

The firm, which began in Chippenham before moving to Malmesbury in 1995, said it has been working with Wiltshire Council on a proposed scheme to alleviate traffic at peak periods.

“This includes a roundabout and new traffic lights by Malmesbury Garden Centre,” a spokesman for the firm said.

“Dyson already operates a car share scheme to reduce congestion in and around Malmesbury.

“The proposed expansion is in its early stages but we will be working closely with Wiltshire Council throughout the process – any possible impact on the surrounding area will be pre-agreed with them.

“If the plans go ahead, it would be a clear statement that Dyson is committed to Malmesbury and we are creating thousands of additional local jobs which will boost the economy.

“The highly skilled jobs at this site would boost Britain’s ability to compete as a high technology exporter. But the whole project is contingent on us getting the right support for expansion.”

North Wiltshire MP James Gray said: “This is great news.

“I think the number of jobs is up to 3,000; we won’t know the final figure until such time as they start doing the expansion.

“The good news is that he (Sir James Dyson) intends to make Malmesbury the British hub of high quality technology.

“I heard about the expansion when it was announced as I haven’t really been involved in any of the decisions.

“I wish the project well; Dyson is a very professional organisation and I am sure they have done their homework.

“I would be glad to help out in any way that I can.”