Never leave lit candles and oil burners unattended, Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service is warning after a fire on Saturday.

Two crews from Salisbury were called to a flat in Kings Road, where smoke alarms were sounding.

An investigation found that there had been a small fire in a cupboard, started by oil burners and candles that had been lit as part of a shrine.

Station manager Mike Bagnall said: “While we understand that many people want to celebrate their religious beliefs, we have to urge caution when this involves anything with a naked flame.

"On this occasion, the fire was small and the main issue was smoke, but it could have easily been far worse.

"We would encourage everyone to follow our simple advice, and to make sure they have working smoke alarms.”

The service has the following tips for those who use candles and oil burners:

• Never leave lit candles or oil burners unattended.

• Make sure such items are secured in fire resistant holders and away from furniture and curtains.

• Keep loose clothing and hair away from candles and oil burners when they are lit.

• Always leave at least 10cm (4ins) between lit candles and oil burners, and never place them underneath shelves or other enclosed spaces.

• Put out candles and oil burners when you leave the room and make sure they are fully extinguished before you go to bed or leave the property.

• Never burn a candle right down into the holder.

• Use a snuffer or spoon to extinguish candles – it’s safer than blowing them out, as sparks can fly when you do that.

• Don’t try and move a lit candle or oil burner, as this just increases the risk of fire.

• If using tea lights, be aware that the foil container can get extremely hot and should therefore not be placed onto a surface that could melt, such as the side of a bath or the top of a television. Always use a proper holder.

All properties should also be fitted with working smoke alarms, which should be tested regularly.

Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service offers free home fire safety advice and will carry out home visits to certain properties.

To find out more, visit or call 0800 389 7849.