Parking problems and congestion continue to plague Dyson and its plans for expansion - but temporary proposals for a 200 space car park are hoped to alleviate immediate problems by the end of this week.

Residents gathered in their droves for Dyson’s exhibition of its draft plans at Malmesbury Town Hall yesterday to learn more about the company’s proposed £250m expansion in the town, which is expected to create hundreds of jobs over the next year.

Concerns about the number of cars on the road as a result of the increased employment, the lack of parking and the road infrastructure still appear to be at the forefront of many people’s concerns.

Although many are in favour of the expansion, residents such as Debbie and Bob Charman who live in Tetbury Hill Gardens still feel concerned that the current congestion on the roads will only worsen with the development that promises 700 new engineers in phase one, and potentially 3,000 in total thereafter.

“The main concern in there (the exhibition) seemed to be the congestion on the roads,” Mr Charman said.

“The existing car parking is for 700, then they are going to double that to more than 2,000 and yet the solution to the congestion seems to be a roundabout and traffic lights.

“Early in the morning Tetbuy Hill is quite hard to get out of.

“Tetbury Hill between 9.15am and 9.45am is an accident waiting to happen.”