A petition to shut down the social media website Ask.fm should soon be handed in to Devizes MP Claire Perry.

More than 109,000 people have signed the petition started by the family of the Devon school girl Izzy Dix, who committed suicide after being the victim of bullying, some of which took place online.

Ms Perry is the government advisor on childhood so the petition will be sent to her and to Prime Minister David Cameron.

Izzy Dix died in September last year at the age of 14. The Anti Bullying Memorial Group set up as a result of her death is calling for the website to be closed down.

Anyone who reads my column will know I’ve written about the issues around Ask.fm previously. The petition calls for people to be barred from posting on the site anonymously. It says: “We need watertight procedures making social networking sites accountable for revealing the identities of trolls and cyber-bullies to the authorities, so cyberbullying can be easily stopped in its tracks.”

It also calls for a firm commitment from police forces that they will take the issues around bullying far more seriously.

It claims that the site has been mentioned and implicated in 14 deaths of young people.

To see the petition visit http://chn.ge/1k2YVTE