SWINDON is being battered by heavy showers and strong winds today as the storms continue to wreak havoc in the town.

Police officers have received several weather related calls this morning and motorists are being urged to take extra care out on the roads in and around Swindon.

At 9.42am, police received reports that traffic lights on Thamesdown Drive had come down due to the winds. Swindon Council attended to make the scene safe.

At 11am, the police received another call that a tree had come down on the southbound carriageway of the A419. It is not thought anybody was hurt in the incident.

And at 11.30am, officers were called to Stone Lane in Lydiard Millicent after another tree fell victim to the gale force winds and was reportedly blocking the road. 

A spokesperson for the Met Office said the town would see very unsettled weather for the rest of the day.

They have warned people to take care over the next few days as the rain, and especially the wind, could potentially cause problems, with weather warnings staying in place until Saturday.

A spokeswoman said: “Rainfall has become a big issue but over the next few days the wind is going to become a big factor so we would ask people to take care.

“We would ask people to only make a journey if they have to and to keep an eye on the forecast as the weather warning could be upgraded over the coming days.”

A fire crew was called to Kids About on Mead Way yesterday morning shortly before 11am because of the high winds. A lighting canopy above the entrance hall was hanging dangerously having being dislodged by the gusts.

The aerial appliance from Drove Road was also called later to help deal with the problem as the height of 8 metres was considered too dangerous to use ladders.

Tomorrow is set to be similar, with showers or long spells of heavy rain, although the winds are set to ease slightly.