Violent storms tearing across Wiltshire last night resulted in a brick wall collapsing onto two vehicles owned by Warminster man David Dutchman.

Mr Dutchman, 44, who lives in Woodcock Road with his wife and four children, was astonished when he was alerted by neighbours at 10pm that the wall had been blown over by the winds.

One of the vehicles, a Vauxhall van, had only been purchased by Mr Dutchman two months previously to use for his job running Socket to ‘em electrical services.

He says that because the wall, which was situated at the back of the property in Downs View Road, was owned by a housing association that no longer exists, he has to go through insurance for repairs.

Mr Dutchman said: “It was a big surprise when we realised what had happened, especially as I had only recently bought the van and got it insured.

“It is a pain, but I’m trying to look on the positive side and it’s good that no one was there when it was blown over as it could have seriously injured or killed someone like a child if it had fallen on them.

“Wiltshire Council came out to look at it, but they said it isn’t anything to do with them, so if they don’t remove it I will probably have to hire out a skip clear it myself.

“I will have to work a bit harder to make up for the time and money I’ve lost as a result, but worst things could have happened. It must have been some gust of wind, though, as that wall was there before we moved in 16 years ago.”

The other family vehicle, a Chrysler Voyager, was also damaged when the wall collapsed.

Last night’s high winds also resulted in a 12-foot trampoline being blown onto the road between Westbury View and Queensway in Melksham at 10.50pm.