PUPILS at Westbury Leigh Primary School put their business heads on for an enterprise day recently, after being given the task of transforming an area of the school grounds or local community.

The whole school project resulted in a Dragons’ Den style approach, with classes forming teams, researching and planning improvements, before pitching their ideas to classmates.

Among the ideas that were pitched on the day were a self-watering bottle garden, weavings for the school and improving the nearby community centre’s garden.

Year 6 Pupil Matthew Leonard said: “It was a really exciting day and I liked researching and investigating the costs for playground equipment.”

It is hoped that the Enterprise project will be completed in a few months’ time to coincide with the school celebrating 10 years on its current site.

Class teacher and project lead Helen Tipple said: “It was clearly evident that the children were engaged and motivated to make improvements as seen in their plans and designs. “Projects like this provide fantastic learning opportunities, allowing children to use and apply a variety of key skills in a purposeful context.

"The next steps will be to source materials and invite parents into school to work alongside their children to make their plans come to fruition.“