Recent success of the British vehicle maker Jaguar Land Rover has meant a bonanza for a Devizes company which designs and manufactures battery chargers for use by the motor industry.

Traction Chargers, a small company based at Roundway Hill Business Centre, has clinched a deal to to sell 1,000 charger units to the Jaguar Land Rover Group for direct export to China.

This follows a succession of orders heading to JLR dealers around the globe as well as to Ford, Volvo and Nissan.

Managing director Chris Walker said: “The company has been in existence since the 1970s, but I acquired it three years ago and moved it to Devizes and since then it has flourished.”

Traction Chargers has become the trading arm of Sutech, established in 1992 to manufacture electronic components in engine diagnostics.

The units designed and built by Sutech are not the kind of battery chargers you will find in the average saloon car, but larger equipment for use in motor workshops and showrooms worldwide.

Mr Walker said: “We produce four different pieces of equipment, but our best-selling item is one for showrooms which enables cars to have their computer systems in operation for prospective customers without draining the car’s battery.

“You won’t sell very many vehicles if the customer can’t get into the car because the battery has gone flat.

“Each piece of equipment comes with a lifetime warranty and there have been occasions when we have been asked to repair equipment that is 15 years old. The cheapest item is £300 but you will only ever have to buy one.”

The chargers will be distributed by the German Bosch company but there is pride knowing that the equipment is designed and made in Devizes.