WIith no fishmonger in the village of Collingbourne Ducis, popular deli Gastro Nicks has expanded to give residents the catch of the day.

Owner Nick Spaven spent 12 years of his career in the family fish business, which he left in 1972, and wanted to put his knowledge of the industry to good use.

His store in Cadley Road now takes regular delivery of fresh fish from the South Coast so that customers have the opportunity to buy it locally.

The fish counter displays a wide array of fresh fish, from haddock and pollock to wild sea bass and scallops which Nick fillets and prepares to the customer’s requirements. He said: “I started my career in the family fish business and I thought it was a waste not to be using my knowledge any more, especially with so many people in the industry not having a proper understanding.

“With no independent fishmonger in the local area I wanted to use my skills and experience to bring this service back to the community.

“People are surprised because we’re not on the main road so it’s taken a while to get the word out but we are gradually building up support, as with anything like this it takes time.”

Residents in nearby villages can have their fish delivered free of charge.

Customer Tracey Warren said: “We love fresh fish and were delighted when Nick decided to start selling it.

“He will prepare it any way we like and is always so helpful with advice on how best to cook it and it tastes absolutely amazing.”

To find out more about Gastro Nick’s next fresh fish delivery visit www.gastronicks.co.uk