A MAN who was caught dealing hard drugs on seven occasions over a three-week period has been told he is facing a jail term.

Barry Bramble was arrested after supplying heroin and cocaine on the streets of Swindon, at one point on a daily basis, last September.

The 20-year-old’s younger brother Devontae, 18, was also involved in the trade after being spotted selling drugs a few days later.

And the siblings also enlisted the help of three teenagers to act as runners for their supply operation.

The trio, two boys and a girl and all aged 17, each completed drug deals for the Brambles last autumn.

Barry Bramble, of Tydeman Street, Gorse Hill, pleaded guilty to eight counts of supply of class A drugs and one of possession with intent to supply.

He admitted supplying heroin on Thursday, August 29, the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of the following week and cocaine on Sep 3, 5, and 17.

The possession with intent to supply related to heroin and the incident took place on Friday, September 6.

Devontae, who lives with his brother, admitted supplying heroin and cocaine on Wednesday September 25.

One of the girls, from Nythe, supplied heroin and cocaine on Wednesday, August 14 and just heroin the following day.

The other young woman, of Oakhurst, supplied heroin and cocaine on Monday, September 30 and heroin a month later on Wednesday, October 30.

The young boy, from the Kingshill area, admitted one charge of supplying heroin on September 17.

Judge Tim Mousley QC sent the three youngsters to the youth court where they will be sentenced.

He adjourned the case against the Brambles to Friday, February 28 and released them both on conditional bail until then.