PRINCE Andrew was royally impressed with the new University Technical College when he visited the site yesterday.

The Duke of York visited the site where the college is being built in Bristol Street and met youngsters who are planning to attend the college in September.

One of the students who got to meet the prince was 13-year-old James Brown from Purton.

He said: “It was amazing to meet Prince Andrew.

“I was very happy, just very happy when I was asked to come along.

“He asked if I thought it was a good opportunity and I said I did.

“People always want you to have experience and stuff for work so I think this will be a good opportunity to get that while I am studying.”

Hannah Selby, 31, and her son Kai Blick, from North Swindon, were also invited along to the event to talk about their hopes for the college.

Kai, 13, said: “I was so shell-shocked that I forgot what he said to me. It was good to see him.”

Hannah said: “It was a really good experience, he’s just another person really.

“I told him that I thought it was a good opportunity for pupils because all of them will join when they are all 14, and it’s not like they are joining an established school, so everyone will be new together.

“They can also stay there all the way through for the next five years so they don’t have to move anywhere else.”

The duke, who is the patron of the Baker Dearing Edu-cational Trust which supports the development of technical colleges around the country, spent the morning talking to the board of directors at UTC and headteachers from around Swindon.

They discussed how the plans for the college were coming along, and also what the new college would bring to Swindon.

UTC principal Angela Barker-Dench,was delighted that the prince visited the site.

She said: “He was supportive of what we are doing in Swindon. It was great to get royal approval.

“He was down to earth. I don’t think he was aloof from the work and lives of other people and he had a good understanding of what we are doing.

UTC Swindonwill cater for 600 students aged 14 to 19.

Apply by emailing info@utc or by downloading the application form from