Plans for 138 homes to be built on the Kingston Farm site in Bradford on Avon has been unanimously approved by Wiltshire Council planners this afternoon.

The council’s strategic planning committee approved the mixed use development on Holt Road, which will provide 30 per cent affordable housing.

There will be new employment space, on-site public open space, community allotments, off-site highway and drainage works and a strategic landscape scheme.

The site has been identified for strategic growth in the draft Wiltshire Core Strategy and the plans have received support from Bradford on Avon Town Council and Holt Parish Council.

Councillor Magnus Macdonald, who was standing in for Councillor Rosemary Brown, said: “The housing scheme is spacious and well thought out, streaks ahead of the little boxes that comprise many modern housing developments, well detailed and socially responsible.

“The starter units are the next generation and already businesses are attracted to Bradford because of the wealth of talent in the place.”

The current Anthony Best Dynamics factory will be taken over by the Moulton Bicycle Company, Anthony Best Dynamics will move into a new factory, creating 30 new jobs, and offices and space for a new work hub for creative and engineering businesses will create up to 250 extra jobs.

The development includes an upgrade of the drainage system, off-site highway works to improve links to the town centre and £1.5m of commuted sums.

Mr Macdonald added: “Bradford on Avon sees itself as a manufacturing market town. To lose this opportunity and endanger the town to a dormitory role would be an act of extreme carelessness.”

Bradford on Avon Preservation Trust said they could not support the application because of timing, sustainability and connectivity.

Godfrey Marks, of the trust, said: “The application is premature. Bradford’s infrastructure and limited facilities have not yet absorbed the full impact of current developments, including Kingston Mills, which are still not fully occupied.”

Councillor Terry Chivers said: “I lived in Bradford on Avon for 15 years and I find it absolutely amazing that for once everyone seems to be in agreement - that this is a fantastic scheme - apart from the Preservation Trust.

“I have a lot of respect for them. They do an awful lot but this time they have got it wrong. We need to remember that Bradford on Avon is a working town, not a museum.”

The scheme is being led by BoA Property Ltd, CG Fry & Sons and landowner Shaun Moulton. A representative of the development said: "We have spent the last seven years working with the council and local community because we are passionate about good quality development that builds communities in a sustainable and considered way."