Flooding was reported on several roads in the area, the A361 near Semington closed this evening after water built up, as is Lottage Road in Aldbourne.

Minety Lane in Oaksey is closed at The Street junction, because of flooding as is Southcott Road, Pewsey, both ways between Ball Road and Green Drove.

There is also flood water on the B3098 in Urchfont, near Devizes, at the High Street junction.

Problems continue on the A338 High Street, Collingbourne Ducis, both ways between Chick's Lane and the A342 junction.

At Reybridge, near Lacock, the road to the north of the village is closed due to flooding at the Mon Lane junction. 

Enford Hill was closed at the A345 junction because of flooding but has now reopened.

Wilthshire Council has urged motorists to drive safely and sensibly as more rainfall is expected today and tomorrow.

Drivers should never move road closures, or attempt to drive through roads which have been closed due to flooding – both of these are a potential offence.

Where roads are open, but have some minor flooding, drivers must slow down and drive according to the conditions.

Many houses are at danger of flooding by the bow wave from fast-moving vehicles, and pedestrians can be drenched with unclean water. This is also and offence and motorists could also be prosecuted for this.

Coun Jonathon Seed, cabinet member responsible for flooding, said: “Inconsiderate driving could cause an accident or damage properties, and motorists could be prosecuted for driving inconsiderately. All we are asking is for a bit of common courtesy when driving in these conditions.

“On two occasions when I have visited flood affected villages in the past week I have personally witnessed drivers creating unacceptable difficulties to pedestrians by travelling too fast through flood water.

"On one occasion in Tilshead cars drenched the team laying sandbags to help keep the road open and this is totally unacceptable.”