Aldbourne could be flooded for several weeks, the Environment Agency says.

Lottage Road has now been closed to traffic because water levels are so high.

Groundwater started causing a problem in the village last week and since then a number of homes have been affected with the worst hit areas being West Street and Lottage Road.

Brian Warneford, who lives in West Lane with his wife Pauline, first noticed water in their home in the early hours of the morning last Friday.

He said: “The amount of water in our house all depends on the weather. It was quite nice yesterday because it started drying up so there was less water coming through but it was raining again this morning so I imagine there will be more water today.

“While we still have electricity we’ll stay in the house because although we can’t use the front two rooms we still have the kitchen and upstairs and we have electricity and heating.

“One of the concerns was that we were told we weren’t covered by our insurance but we’ve had a loss adjuster around now and they seem to have come round, I think they had to because we live in a flood risk area.”

A spokesperson for the Environment Agency said: “Groundwater levels in the Upper Aldbourne Valley are high and are continuing to rise.

“Levels will remain high and are sensitive to further rainfall forecasted over the weekend.

“ Due to the nature of groundwater behaviour, this situation could continue for several weeks or longer and impacts are expected to be similar to the flooding during the winter 2000/01.”