A STROKE of luck saw PCSO Alex Pawlowski bust an attempted burglary in Lawn on Thursday night.

Shortly before 11pm he was on patrol in the area when he happened across three people who were trying to break into a local shop in Guildford Avenue.

Inspector Joe Saunders from the Neighbourhood Policing Team said: “We patrol all areas, and specifically where the community raise issues with us. Alex has come across a crime occurring and has fortunately been able to prevent the break in.

“Alex was out on patrol when he got to the scene. He is pretty broad and is not someone any criminal would want to come across in a dark alley. He spooked the three men and they starburst. “He did what he could and called the other officers and they managed to catch the man we currently have in custody.”

The men were seen clustered suspiciously around the One Stop Shop, and on seeing PCSO Pawlowski, ran off, causing the officer to believe they had been trying to break in.

The men fled in several directions from the scene and he called in response officers and a dog handler.

The team managed to catch one of the men, a 29-year-old from London, who was arrested on suspicion of burglary and remains in custody at Gablecross Police Station while police continue to investigate the incident.

Joe said: “Alex has been with the East for the last month and a bit, and before that he worked in West and in Chippenham.

“He’s done really well because he didn’t just use his presence, he used his head as well, and thought about the scene and secured it, so it’s a great job well done.

“The response from other colleagues is also worthy of note and I appeal for anyone with information about this crime to contact us.

”We have been trying to speak to neighbours to find out if they saw anything and dropped letters through their doors, and of course if anybody did see anything in relation to this crime they should contact us.”

Insp Saunders expects other PCSOs to be carrying out the same procedures, but he hopes that Alex will serve as a further example to other members of the team.

Insp Saunders said: “I’d like to think others would already be doing the same things but they don’t always have the opportunity to do so. It’s just in this case it was Alex and he was lucky enough to come across it.”

A number of people have already come forward with information but anyone else who either witnessed the incident or who saw anyone acting suspiciously in the area at the time should contact David Miller in the Local Crime Team at Swindon, or the East Swindon Neighbourhood Policing Team. Both are available on 101.

Alternatively people can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.