JASON Ranford and Daniel Wells could not hide their contempt for each other at a press conference ahead of their Brunel Rooms grudge match at Swindon Fight Club.

Fantasy Gentleman’s Club was packed with fighters and supporters last night as opponents due to fight at Swindon Fight Club Seven faced off in front of the cameras.

A series of disputes between the pair, mainly involving Wells’ friend and former Brunel Rooms manager Nathan Hatter, has led to this white collar fight on Saturday, March 1 at the MECA.

Wells and Ranford both spent the press conference talking each other down and talking up their own preparations, with training schedules gaining momentum in each camp.

“I have been going down the gym every day, sometimes twice a day,” said Wells. “I have been doing work with both Paul Rogers and Nick Tuckett, who both have a lot of experience working with fighters.

“I’m eating well, taking the missus to work in the mornings, then going down to Scrappers Gym to work on my boxing.

“I am really looking forward to it now. I am more confident than before.

“I’m looking forward to giving him a slap, which is what the whole of Swindon wants.

“It should go my way. I’m training harder than him. I can see him coming out and flying out in the first round.

“I will wait for him to tire himself out, pick him off and put him down.”

Ranford wouldn’t go as far as to reveal where he is training, but reacted more than confidently to Wells’ taunts.

“I am training a lot and it’s hard, but I have definitely made an improvement,” said the former Brunel Rooms director.

“I have been doing cardio at my normal gym and then some more specific boxing stuff with a few guys who would rather I didn’t mention them.

“I am feeling very confident though, over-confident if anything. I can’t wait to do it – I just don’t like him.

“I’m not worried about getting hurt, but I am nervous about losing. I don’t want to lose in front of all those people. I don’t think I will lose, but it’s nervy.

“There are plenty of people who want to see me get hurt and lose, but there are lots of people who like me and back me.

“They are the type of people who don’t sit around at home all day on their computers typing up stuff about me. They have jobs.

“I will be silencing all of those who talk me down on the night.”