A public order charge against Lord Cardigan has been adjourned after the defence claimed that there had been an abuse of process when the defendant was charged.

The 61-year-old, of Savernake Lodge in Savernake Forest, appeared at North West Wiltshire Magistrates' Court, Chippenham, on Monday under the name David Michael James Brudenell-Bruce.

He was accused of shouting offensive comments at Prue Chetwynd-Talbot in Waitrose in Marlborough High Street on April 6. Lord Cardigan has pleaded not guilty to the charge.

The defence claimed charging standards had not been followed correctly by police constable Richard Barratt or the CPS and the charge had been manipulated.

Lord Cardigan’s counsel, Edward Henry, said PC Barratt has a personal relationship with trustee of the Savernake Estate John Moore.

Lord Cardigan is trying to have Mr Moore and fellow trustee Wilson Cotton dismissed as a trustees of the estate through the High Court.

Mr Henry said: “Before High Court litigation was instigated there were no complaints against Lord Cardigan and now there are a number of charges which have been bought against him.

"These are bias because they all originate from the trustee [John Moore] and people dependant on the trust.”

Currently there a three other trials relating to Lord Cardigan waiting to be heard.

The bench decided this case, and all other trails involving Lord Cardigan, be put on hold until an application for judicial review has been submitted.

The case will be reviewed at Swindon magistrates on April 24 and it is likely all four cases will be heard together at High Court.

Lord Cardigan said: “I am pleased that this whole saga, a concerted campaign against me, shall now be put under scrutiny by the High Court.”