A petition has been launched to stop cuts to youth services.

There are fears that Wiltshire Council could cut 24 youth services and up to 144 youth workers as it seeks to save £500,000 from its budget for 2014/2015.

A former service user, Glynn Root, has started an online petition to show Wiltshire Council that these cuts could be damaging to young people. However, the council says the services are not well used with only eight per cent of young people engaging in them.

One facility under threat is the Bass Connection in Salisbury which offers young people a range of musical skills. Glynn, who now lives in Gosport, claims the service changed his life.

Officers for union Unite say they have seen documents that outline four proposals for change. It says these are: to retain the youth work team with a significantly reduced budget; to support the establishment of a staff mutual; to outsource youth work or to establish a community-led model.

There’s now a consultation period which will end on April 22 when the Wiltshire Council cabinet will make a decision about the future.

Details of the petition can be found here http://chn.ge/1fYOICl