Wiltshire photographer Barbara Leatham is looking for parents and grandparents willing to have their pictures taken for a photographic exhibition.

Barbara, who lives in Tilshead, with her husband David and their two children, worked for many years as a professional photographer in the RAF.

She’s now staging an exhibition, Waiting for the Storm, in Wiltshire and wants people to have their picture taken, free of charge.

The unusual element is that all volunteers must have their image taken in the rain.

Barbara said: “The aim is to capture people’s passion for something that even if a storm hits, they will never stop.

“Like me with my photography, rain won’t stop me taking pictures.”

Subjects can be either people who have a passion which they’ll pursue in spite of bad weather such as angling, cycling or painting or those who have gone through crises in their lives so that walking in the rain is simply nothing to worry about.

“Each participant must also be willing to share their story.

“If you’ve reached a point in your life where you realise you cannot get any wetter and that you’ve survived bigger things than a storm, that the storm doesn’t scare you – then this is the project for you!”

All images will all be shot on film and will not be made public until the exhibition takes place later this year.

Anyone interested should contact Barbara on b.l.photography@ btinternet. com or via her website www.barbaraleatham.co.uk