Devizes Rotary Club gave a cheque for £2,500 to a charity that provides sport wheelchairs after a member took part in a cycle ride in France.

Club member Jean Allen, of Snuff Street, Devizes, and her friend, Colin Clapshoe, of Shrewsbury, held a 1,400 mile cycle ride to celebrate their 70th birthdays.

The ride, in June last year, started at the mouth of the Loire river and followed it to the source and back.

Mrs Allen’s ride was curtailed due to a fall off her bike but Mr Clapshoe carried on and Mrs Allen used buses, trains, taxis and friends to drive her around the route so she could lend moral support.

The Rotary Club is raising money for WheelPower, the charity for wheelchair sport based at Stoke Mandeville stadium, which was the birthplace of the Paralympics.