Teenagers to tots raced down to Malmesbury Abbey to tackle the assortment of obstacles set up as part of the annual Malmesbury Abbey Skate Park.

The event, which this year is focusing on being a festival for all the family, has seen toddlers, children and teenagers come together for a week-long programme of soft play, skating, scooting, workshops and music within the 12th century former monastery.

Co-organiser Sarah McGrory said: “It has gone really well so far.

“We have had loads and loads of volunteers come in and help us and it’s all running smoothly so far. It’s looking really good.”

On Monday, mums and tots came together for a day of soft play, with events for older children and teenagers laid on throughout the rest of this week.

Half pipes, quarter pipes, a grind box and other obstacles are now in place, with hay protecting the historic abbey, for the three-day skating element of the festival.

Tonight local singer songwriter Emily McGrory was performing with folk rock performer Jack Moore aka ‘the bearded loafer’, who is studying with Emily at Chippenham College, due to perform his tomorrow.

“We wanted to encourage some of the little ones along this year as well so we have opened it up for everyone,” added Mrs McGrory.

“Everything seems to be quite organised at the moment; the last few weeks have been really intense.”

A BMX bike, scooter equipment and T-shirts are among the items donated for a competition on Friday afternoon, following a pro-scooter demonstration.

For more details or to take part go to www.malmesburyabbey.com/skate