The results of Wiltshire Assembly of Youth and UK Youth Parliament elections were announced on Monday.

Following the week-long elections Rebecca Richards, 13, Sam Gallacher, 13, Liam Harding, 19, Pippa Poole, 16, Kiaran Jarvis Down, 12, Alice Moore, 11, Ben Blackburn, 12, and Lauren Goldson, 15, were voted on to the assembly.

While, Courtney Pickering, 15, Lee Gunton, 16, and Chloe Lintern, 15, will be serving on the youth parliament as will as the assembly.

People aged between 11 and 19 were eligible to vote in the elections with their being a turnout of 33,998 improving on last year’s 32,198.

Those able to vote sent a free text as part of the elections, organised by Wiltshire Council, to support their preferred candidate.

For more information about the new members and their policies visit