Plans for another new housing development west of Corsham were displayed last week, with concerned residents raising fears of a land grab in the area.

Developer Redcliffe Homes has proposed building up to 170 homes on a nine-hectare plot of land between Bradford Road and Park Lane. The firm retains an option on a full 20-hectare site, but has committed to return half of it to the community.

The company’s strategic land and planning manager Emma Jones was on hand to discuss the plans with residents. She said: “We will hand it back to the town or Wiltshire Council, to be left as agricultural land or parkland, or reserved for community use.”

Other developers have already put in bids surrounding the site, with land north of the A4 and immediately south of the proposed development already earmarked, as well as the former Copenacre site, which has permission for up to 84 homes and office space.

A resident of Bradford Road, who did not wish to be named, said: “I’m not very happy, we have got enough brownfield sites at that end being developed.

“It’s the infrastructure that will suffer. Getting from Bradford Road there are queues of traffic on the A4 already. The sprawl is getting worse – soon it will be connecting up all the surrounding villages.”

Others at the meeting were more positive. One man from Neston said: “I like to think the young people will stand a chance of getting on the housing ladder, and I would like to see more smaller homes rather than big ones.

“I was young once and it was a hell of a struggle getting my first home, and it’s not any easier now.”

The developers hope to submit formal plans in March, with the eventual site containing a mix of two to five-bedroom houses, and 40 per cent affordable homes.

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