FORMER puppy trainer Pat Oborn has featured in Channel 5 documentary, The Truth About Your Dog’s Food.

The 65-year-old, from Shaw, who used to run the K9 Click training school, took part in the programme alongside Eastcott Veterinary Clinic and Hospital’s vet Peter Sutherland to demonstrate the benefits of brushing dogs’ teeth.

Pat, who used to breed and show German Shepherds, has brushed her dogs’ teeth since she got her first puppy in 1962.

She said: “I have always brushed my dogs’ teeth every night. I used to use bicarbonate of soda but it doesn’t taste very nice, and now you can get special dog toothpaste from the vet. You can’t use human toothpaste because it contains things that can be harmful to dogs.

“Brushing your dog’s teeth keeps them healthy and none of my dogs have ever had to go to the vet’s for tooth decay.

“In the wild they would be chewing on bones to clean their teeth.”

Pat, who has been on TV before, said of the Channel 5 show: “The dogs were very well behaved and the people who were filming were very polite. It was a good experience.”

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