CHENEY Manor Industrial Estate is being blighted by fly-tipping as waste is being dumped just yards from the household waste recycling centre.

Traders in the units on the estate have seen piles of asbestos, waste, and construction materials clogging up the road and embankment around Brindley Close.

Mark Iles, 47, of scrapyard Fords Only, said he had not been able to get a solution.

“I run a scrapyard, and my yard is tidier than the outside of the road,” he said.

“Eight months ago we had a lot of rubbish dumped round here and to this day it is still here. After Christmas the fly-tipping started.

“With all the rains during Christmas the river started building up. The whole thing has been a long build up. It looks like someone has dumped part of a bathroom down there. There are tiles and plaster boards all over the place. We have got two big piles, but now the rats are getting into the bags and it is being distributed all around the area.

“There are even tyres scattered around the place.

“There is a pile of asbestos sheets up on the embankment, which we were told would be sorted eight months ago. It is still up there now.

“Normally asbestos has got to be dumped down and double bagged. I used to dispose it years ago when I was 16 for a different company, and it has to go to a licensed site.

“I stay away from it. It could be harmless but I do not want to touch it just in case.”

Mark added the charge paid to the local authority for road cleaning seemed to be wasted.

“There are 13 units up here , and we pay a monthly charge of between £36 to £40,” he said. “While that may not seem much, it all adds up.

“The terms of the agreement are that it is supposed to be kept clean and tidy.

“There has been an agreement it would be swept on the last Wednesday of every month, but that does not seem to have happened.

“We have had one road sweeper come up just after Christmas because there had been a build up of leaves.”

A council spokesman said: “We have an ongoing problem with selfish and irresponsible people, often dodgy traders without the correct waste disposal licences, who illegally dump waste all across the Borough.

Cheney Manor Industrial Estate is no exception.

“We clear it up on a regular basis on the industrial estate and elsewhere, and we will respond if people report specific fly-tipping problems to us, particularly if it involves hazardous waste such as asbestos and chemicals.

“We are not aware of any complaints recently from the tenants in Brindley Close but we will clear fly-tipped waste from there if there if it is reported to us. It would be much better if people didn’t fly-tip in the first place, and it would also save council tax payers tens of thousands of pounds a year in clean-up costs.”