DOG-LOVER Albert Romaine is once again suffering heartache after his favourite 11-week-old puppy was stolen from his Rodbourne home.

Last month, a whole litter of nine puppies was taken from his house in Percy Street while the 55-year-old went into town for a couple of hours.

The puppies were still being weaned by Albert after his five-year-old bitch Lexi became pregnant, but thanks to efforts from Wiltshire Police and members of the public all nine puppies were returned within two weeks.

Since then, Albert has been selling the Staffordshire bull terrier/collie cross-breeds, but only after he picked one little pup, Dino, to keep for himself.

But on Saturday evening Dino was taken from him, leaving Albert distraught.

He said: “I went mad when I realised what had happened. I can’t believe it’s happened again.

“Two girls came to look at the last five puppies to choose one to buy. I was holding Dino when they came in and they said they wanted him but I said he wasn’t for sale, he was for me.

“But she wanted that one and the next thing I knew is he had gone. I went into the kitchen with one of the girls and when I came back out Dino and the other girl had gone.

“I searched everywhere for him for more than an hour, and walked as far as the Co-Op, in Rodbourne Road, to find him.

“But he is only 11 weeks old and wouldn’t have gone far.”

Albert, who also owns two cats and several fish, is now selling the other puppies for only £8.

“I’ve just had enough,” he said.

Albert was forced to change all his locks after the litter was stolen in January.

He said: “I was going through hell when they went. I was just going ballistic. I searched all over the house for them and I was shaking.

“I was so happy when they came home. I was over the moon.

“Now that Dino has been taken again I am so angry.”

Swindon Police are asking anyone with any information to come forward.

A police spokesman said: “The incident occurred at around 5pm on February 22. There is an ongoing investigation into the incident and police are looking for a female suspect.”

Dino is brindle and brown with white markings.

Anyone who may have seen anything suspicious around the time of the incident can call police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.