Bratton School’s whole school topic for this term is Tell Me a Story, and will include a book week, a dressing up day when pupils and staff come dressed as their favourite story character, a book swap session and bedtime stories.

Each class is either focusing on a particular author or book. Key Stage One are looking at Julia Donaldson with particular reference to The Gruffalo, Year 3 and 4 are studying Horrid Henry, Year 4/5 are studying Harry Potter and Year 6 are studying Narnia.

Year 1/2 Giraffe Class have turned their role play into the Gruffalo’s forest. The children were asked to work with their parents to create a tree to be included in the forest. They were asked to make the tree no taller than a metre and they could be as creative as they liked. The idea was to give the children the feel that they were in a real forest playing the role of the Gruffalo and mouse.

They have also had story writing lessons, interviewed the characters from the story, created wanted posters, character profiles and plan this term on writing instructions on how to catch a Gruffalo and to make Gruffalo crumble.

The children have shown great enthusiasm for the term and have been working hard. They are enjoying being authors and studying great children’s authors.