Children at Bitham Brook Primary School in Westbury recently took part in the Great Bitham Bake-Off.

The children in Mr Wood’s and Miss Clark’s classes researched different countries competing in the Winter Olympics.

They then chose their cupcake recipe and designed their cake to reflect different countries and different events in the Olympic Games. They also designed their own packaging. Miss Clark was very pleased with the whole event. “The children were so enthusiastic and creative. They developed good teamwork and they learned so much while having lots of fun,” she said.

Earlier this month the school held a non-uniform day to raise money for the Wiltshire Air Ambulance. Jemma Brown from the Air Ambulance Charitable Trust came to assembly to talk about the service and about the new helicopter that they will be getting. She was delighted to learn the non-uniform day made £127.94 for their funds. David Ross, headteacher, said: “All the staff and children at Bitham Brook were very keen to support this local charity and the pupils asked Jemma interesting questions about the air ambulance service.”