UTC SWINDON will be giving students and parents the opportunity to discover what the Engineering College has to offer during three open evenings. The evenings are being hosted at Oxford Brookes University, Ferndale Campus, Swindon, today, March 13 and March 27 from 6.30pm until 8pm and are free to attend.

An explanation of the curriculum will be provided by principal Angela Barker-Dench and there will be presentations from UTC Swindon staff and directors, who will describe the specialist engineering education and how to apply for places.

Angela said: “Our open evenings are a great chance to go through the curriculum with the parents and potential students leading up to the opening of UTC Swindon.

“The evenings are always engaging and informative events, with the aim to let no question go unanswered.”

Several industry partners will be present who will provide insight to potential students into the partners’ engineering challenges at UTC Swindon. Prospective students will be able to see the types of engineering careers available.

UTC Swindon will be run by a trust sponsored by Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells and Oxford Brookes University. There are more than 60 different industry partners involved with the college.

UTC Swindon will be opening its doors in September 2014 and will cater for 600 14 to 19-year-olds interested in pursuing a career in engineering.

If you are interested in applying for a place at UTC Swindon you can do so by emailing info@utcswindon.co.uk or by downloading an application form from our website www.utcswindon.co.uk.

For more information call UTC Swindon on 07990 601 516.