Flooding has caused no end of problems for residents in Lottage Road, Aldbourne, who are now also having to deal with uncollected post.

During flooding, residents have been using the postbox on the road as usual and were shocked to discover that it hadn’t been emptied since February 11.

No notice had been put up by Royal Mail to explain that the postbox would not be in use until the groundwater had subsided and it was only when residents rang the customer services line that they discovered their mail had been abandoned.

Kate Digman, who lives on Lottage Road said: “I’m disgusted that it’s been left because people could have urgent post in there that needs delivering.

“One resident has put a note on the post box now but we weren’t told by Royal Mail that they wouldn’t be emptying the post box.”

According to Royal Mail it is against Health and Safety regulations to allow their staff to collect the post from the road, which has been closed to traffic, despite the fact that the postman is still delivering letters.

Mrs Digman said: “They’ve said that they won’t be collecting from there until the flooding has subsided but that could be weeks.

“There’s only about an inch of water around the post box but apparently the postman can’t wear wellies which seems to be a bit jobsworth to me.”

She said residents could have easily used the post box in the village if they’d known this one was out of use. She said: “What I would like to see them do is come and empty out the post box so that the letters that have already been posted can be delivered.”

A spokesman for Royal Mail said: “Royal Mail apologises to customers in Aldbourne for the continued unavailability of the postbox on Lottage Road. Alternative postal facilities are available at Aldbourne Post Office. As soon as Lottage Road re-opens, we will reinstate collections from the post-box on Lottage Road.”