It was back to business on Monday for Bradford sandwich shop Bread and Butter, two months to the day after it had to close when flood waters engulfed the premises.

On Christmas Eve, shop owner Shauna Green stood and watched as flood waters came up through the drains and submerged her business in three feet of water.

It took two months for the property to dry out, to be deep cleaned and get new fixtures and fittings.

Mrs Green, of Atworth, said: “We have started the shop from scratch really. When it happened, I never thought it would take this long because you don’t know the process. There is no manual so thank goodness for the internet.

“There have been all sorts of surprises and challenges. I was surprised how long a building like this takes to dry out. I had a timescale in mind but couldn’t keep to it.”

The shop’s insurance has covered everything from contents and stock to loss of earnings.

Mrs Green, a mother-of-two, said: “It is very exciting and really good to be running again, seeing all the old faces. Everyone has been so pleased to see us and we have been really busy.

“My family and friends have been amazing and in the town people have been great. Every day I was working on the shop, people were asking about the progress, even passers by.”

Mrs Green, who was a teacher for 15 years before opening the shop last August, is working with her landlord to install non return valves to the drains but she said she would like the town to have a long-term solution.

She added: “If it floods I can’t do anything about it. You have to have a ‘what will be will be’ attitude, as long as you have done everything you can.

“Because of the floods I have spoken to other businesses and members of the community that I had not been in touch with before. I now feel like I am part of the shared vision for the town.

“It is essential for us to get together with the town council and Wiltshire Council so we are all going in the same direction.”