DRUG dealer Jordan Carty is facing a lengthy jail term after admitting repeatedly supplying cocaine.

The 21-year-old, known as Shorty, was on early release from prison when he was caught peddling the hard drugs to an undercover police officer.

Carty, of Dean Street, pleaded guilty to five counts of supplying drugs when he appeared at Swindon Crown Court by video link from Bullingdon prison.

The former ‘first lieutenant’ in the notorious Breaker Network of drug dealers had only been out of prison for less than two months when he first sold heroin to the cop.

He admitted supplying the drug on three days in September last year and then twice the following month.

Gary Pons, defending, said his client was freed on early release from prison in July having been sentenced to three years and eight months.

He said he realised his client was facing another lengthy jail term so said there was no need for the probation service to go to the expense of preparing a report.

Tessa Hingston, prosecuting, said when he was arrested police also seized £1,000 and they had started forfeiture proceedings in the magistrates to keep the cash.

Recorder James Watson QC adjourned the case to Friday, March 14 so Carty can be brought before the court to face sentence.

In the meantime he said he would be remanded in custody as he has already been recalled on the earlier jail term imposed in August 2012.

The Breaker Network, also known as the Dreds or the Carty Gang, sold thousands of pounds worth of hard drugs after coming to Swindon from London.

Selling up to 100 deals a day, they recruited young addicts to act as their street level runners completing deals or to store large amounts of stock.

And the dealers intimidated others with violence and threats of rape and murder to allow their homes to be used for their operation.

Anthony Brown, 23, and known as Breaker, ran the operation and was jailed for five years while first lieutenant Carty got 44 months. At that hearing the court was told Carty's father Andrew was also serving a lengthy jail term for drug related violence.