A HORSEBOX became wedged under the Whitehouse Bridge in Corporation Street, Swindon, late yesterday afternoon.

Police stopped traffic, which had backed up, so they could attempt to free the vehicle. It had been stranded for more than an hour.

A police spokesman said: “The horsebox became fully stuck under the bridge at around 4.54pm and officers were sent to the scene to manage the traffic. There were no horses inside the vehicle.”

Motorists were frustrated with the jams caused by the incident and one driver, who did not want to be named, said: “The traffic is terrible and was backing up all the way down Station Road. I can’t believe someone else has managed to crash into this bridge – how can it keep happening?”

It is not the first time the 10ft bridge, dubbed the “most bashed” in the town, has seen a driver come unstuck – it has reportedly claimed more than 150 victims.

This included a publicity stunt in 1996 when a double decker bus was used to highlight its dangers and warn drivers to be more wary.