A man accused of raping a child in Dilton Marsh has had the charge against him dropped.

Scott Williams pleaded not guilty to a single count of raping a female under the age of 16 when he appeared at Swindon Crown Court on Monday, January 14 last year.

But after hearing how the girl making the claim refused to let the police examine her mobile phone, prosecutors said they would not proceed with the case.

A judge was also told that entries on social networks, which may have been used by the defence, had also been deleted.

Tessa Hingston, for the Crown, said "We are unable to get the phone records from the alleged victim.

"She wouldn't give up her phone. we can't get Facebook entries as they were deleted soon after."

Williams, of Criollo Court, Westbury, was due to face a trial by judge and jury on Monday, March 31 but on Friday Judge Douglas Field returned a formal not guilty verdict and discharged the case against the defendant, who was not required in court for the hearing.