Firefighters were surprised when the victim of a night of passion snapped souvenir photos as they freed him from his handcuffs – two days later.

The man in his 50s, who had one wrist in the cuffs, had gone to Trowbridge Community Hospital in Adcroft Street complaining of poor circulation, because he had been unable to free himself from the shackles he had been wearing since Sunday.

Nurses asked for help from Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service and a team from Trowbridge turned up with bolt cutters.

Firefighter Chris Petty said: “We expected to be met by police officers with a criminal, who deserved to be detained. Instead it was just a naughty boy who’d got stuck in the handcuffs following a passionate Sunday.

“They were cheap imitations and the lock had broken when he tried to get them off. He was a little sheepish: I think because five blokes from the fire station had come to help him.

“He took it in a good spirit though and even took a few pictures when we were taking them off, so he couldn’t have been too embarrassed by it all.”