Most Wiltshire children have been granted places for their first choice secondary school.

Of the 4,500 children who applied for September places 95 per cent got their preferred school.

Each applicant has to pick three choices of school with only 1.9 per cent not being given a place at a school which was not one of their preferences.

Laura Mayes, cabinet member for Children's Services said: “This is an important time for children and their parents and to be able to provide so many with their preferred choice of school is particularly good news.”

“The right to an independent appeal is open to anyone who has been refused a place at one of their preferred schools.”

Applicants have until March 18 to accept the school they’ve been offered.

After this date, late applications received after the October 2013 deadline will be considered.

There are about 200 late applications awaiting consideration.

For more information about school admissions call 01225 713010 or visit

Anyone appealing against their school place allocation can email the Wiltshire Times at or the Gazette and Herald at