THE effects of subsidence on properties close to the Regent Circus development are worse than originally feared, it was revealed at a meeting tonight between residents and contractors.

It was already known there were major issues with the Rehoboth Strict Baptist Chapel in Prospect Hill but property owners at the meeting revealed the problem is far more widespread, with cracks appearing in houses and businesses all along Cross Street.

ISG Construction, which is building the leisure complex, has promised to speak with any residents affected and repair any damage caused by the works.

At the meeting, ISG Director Rob Martin said: “We will put right any problems caused by this development. It is our responsibility to fix things.

“We will finish our work and then look at the problems in the properties. We will then monitor them until we are confident there will be no more issues.”

It also emerged at the meeting that while the recent heavy rain fall has been a factor, ISG have been monitoring the site since August after detecting movement.

However, many residents still had worries afterwards about the long term effects of any damage such has getting insurance and selling properties on.

Polly Strange, of Cross Street, said: “We had absolutely no problems before the work started and now there are cracks several millimetres wide.

“I am worried that when I come to sell the property this will show up and affect the value, even after the work has been repaired.”

The meeting was organised by South Swindon MP Robert Buckland and run by Peter Green, secretary of resident group Swindon Back Garden.

He said: “The meeting showed that the problem is far more widespread than we initially thought but I am convinced ISG are committed to helping with the problem.

“The next stage now is to look in more detail at the problem and move forward from there.

“It has also emerged after the meeting that several houses have also been contacted by building firms offering to fix problems. People need to ignore these as ISG have already said they will fix any damage.”