A SWINDON-based organisation that specialises in mediation is among the first in the country to receive a new government quality mark for helping families affected by separation and divorce.

Lorraine Bramwell Associates has been awarded the new Help and Support for Separated Families Mark, which is only awarded to organisations who demonstrate that their work reduces conflict between parents.

The mark is designed to guide people to organisations they can trust to approach on the range of issues they might face during separation.

A former director of the College of Mediators, Lorraine Bramwell has been a mediator for nearly 20 years and said she was delighted her firm achieved the award She said: “At a time when mediation is being actively encouraged as a cheaper, quicker and more effective way of sorting out family disputes, it’s really important that the public can identify experienced, qualified mediators who have expertise in family conflict and how to resolve it.”

People with family disputes are already expected to consider mediation and meet with a mediator before applying to the court.